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From the Eastchester Record; Thursday January 16, 1975.

The Westchester Horizon Jr. Durm and Bugle Corps was organized in 1969, under the leadership of Director, Bob Coccaro. The Corps membership is made up of boys and girls in their teens, steming from all areas of Westchester Count. Since its conception, the Horizons have exposed themselves to thousands of spectators throughout the county as well as in other states. The corps has competed in contests in New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts.

A drum corps is comprised of a group of people working together to present a show entailing musical and marching techniques. Using drums, bugles, flags, and rifles as their props and a football field as their stage, each corps goal is to perform their show with as few errors as possible in order to achieve the highest score at any given contest. Show concept or theme may range from the wildest version of a current hit to the very subdued melodies of a symphonic overture. Variety, good choreography, and use of special effects all add to the overall general effect of the field show.

The greatest things the corps can offer to its members is travel, the understanding of people, and the importance of teamwork. Participating in a drum corps provides healthy activity, and is an excellent outlet for learning and experiencing the challenge of competition.

Free expert instruction in bugling, drumming, marching and maneuvering is offered to each member. The corps supplies equipment and uniforms.

The Horizons are the only competing unit in the county and are starting a recruitment program to expand their ranks in all sections. Because the corps is slated to engage in national competition this summer, it is necessary to build the corps size up, therfore creating a threatening contender. The corps is made up of an all-girl colorguard that consists of flags, rifles, and sabres. The girls are taught to enhance the field show by utilizing their equipment in order to achieve a colorful visual effect. The horn line uses bugles that cover the entire brass section of a symphonic orchestra. The drum line uses a wide variety of percussion instruments. The musical repertoire played is contemporary and any musical piece ever written or played can be played by a drum corps. The changes in instruments and methods of teaching brings a competing corps to the level of the finest orchestra with more emphasis placed on style and perfection.

Travel, new friends, new experiences and a better understanding of music are only a few of the reasons that young people join a drum and bugle corps. A few of the goals of the Westchester Horizon for 1975 are several camping trips to learn their field show, participating in "Evening with the Corps", a stage concert held annually at the County Center in White Plains, traveling to Massachusetts to compete in the World Open Championship and traveling to Marion, Ohio to compete in the United States Open Championships.

An open invitation is extended to any boys or girl between the ages of 12 and 21 who is interested in becoming a member of the Westchester Horizons to contact Mr. Robert Coccaro at {address and phone number deleted). Come to a rehearsal and find out what its all about, an exciting, fun-filled program building memories you'll cherish the rest of your life!

For more information about the corps, please contact Chris Maher at chris@corpsreps.com



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