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Corps at can provide a free website to any drum and bugle corps. All sites will have the same basic layout and will be managed through a special management page. The sites will draw from our repertoire, score, history, picture and contest databases.

Rather than have a web address like, the address would be The site is geared toward small corps that do not have the resources to develop and maintain a website. Tribute sites for corps that are no longer with us are also welcome.

A management option allows the corps administrator to change information on the website. All information is stored in a database.

The corpsreps corps site has the following page options:

Graphic options are limited. Corps can provide a logo.

In the future, we hope to offer a store option as an add-on that might include a cost since this would generate revenue for the corps. Perhaps a commission based on web sales or maybe a monthly or annual fee.

See for an example of what these sites look like.

If you are interested in this concept, please contact Chris Maher for more information.

Send comments about this site to for general site comments and questions for junior corps, including repertoires for senior corps, including repertoires for corps histories (not repertoires) for contest scores to submit your personal corps pictures for our photo gallery
If you publish this data in any format please give us credit for compiling the data and please make reference to this site.

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