Les Senateurs

Joliette, QUE Canada
Founded: 1990

Inactive Junior
Division II/III
1996 Jazz Anthology - Extrait Color Purple * Dixieland * Rack Time * Sing Sing Sing * A Night In Tunisia * The Chicken * Extrait Chick Corea  
1997 307 81.100 Africa * Stand By Me * Ya Gotta Try * Cheek to Cheek * Straight No Chaser * Take the 'A' Train * The First Circle  
1998 312 81.900 Blake File - The Music of Jean-Yves Cardin - Blake File - The Music of Jean-Yves Cardin  
1999 312 70.600 Blake File 2 - The Music of Jean-Yves Cardin - Blake File - The Music of Jean-Yves Cardin  
2001 306 80.200 Adventure in Jazz - Original Music  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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Les Senateurs began in July, 1993, when a group of friends decided to make music by forming a musical group based on their shared interest in drum and bugle corps. The Senateurs of Joliette, Quebec, were born on September 6, 1993 with four members.

In January 1994, when the group had grown to 11 members, they performed in their first parade at St-Jean Baptiste de Valleyfield.

In 1997, Les Senateurs began making the trip to DCI World Championships as a Division III corps, making Finals twice thus far. In 2001, Les Senateurs finished sixth in DCI Division III Prelims.

Les Senateurs merged with Les Sentinelles in 2002 to form Quebec Alliance.

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Members (8)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Forest, Mike Bass drum 1995; 1993
Forest, Mike Drum Major 1996
Forest, Mike Tenors 1997; 1994
Lachapelle, Annie Horns (soprano and mellophone) 1993 to 2001
Laporte, Marc-André (MAC) Drum line 1992 to 1998
Latulippe, David Soprano 1992
Tessier, Emilie Baritone 2001 to 2003
Theriault, Tiger Percussion (Bass Drum) 1994 to 1996

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Les Senateurs

Senateurs de Joliette from the Bob Carell Collection
Les Senateurs

LesSenateurs,Joliette,QC,Pin1-Orange(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Les Senateurs

LesSenateurs,Joliette,QC,Pin2-OrangeTopHat(RE-2.25)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Les Senateurs

LesSenateurs,Joliette,QC,Pin3(JSH)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection


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