Christopher Colucci Photo This debut disc of original instrumental guitar compositions by Christopher Colucci sparkles with power and sensitivity. A wide range of influences--rock, classical, jazz, folk, and new age--inform his music, and Christopher's ingenious melodies and sense for counterpoint take all of these musical genres to a new level. Christopher's alternate tunings and use of tapping techniques add another layer of richness to his composition and performance. Christopher's range of expression runs from a hint at Renaissance dance in the opening theme of "David's Third Story" to the churning undercurrent of "The Last Standup".

Contributions made by other Philadelphia area and nationally recognized musicians are no less outstanding. Ken Ulancey's soprano saxophone sings hauntingly on "The Idea of Alone" and the bright and liquid tones of Susan Werner's voice shimmer as she recites a French translation of Christopher's poem, ". . . As Deep As Your Ocean".

Force of Circumstance Cover Force of Circumstance Cover
Other artists contributing on this recording are:
Chico Huff--4, 5, and 6 string bass
Jeff Colucci--drums and percussion
John Hodian--piano
Steven DiJoseph--piano
Caryn Lin--electronic and acoustic violin
Steve Wheelock--electric guitar
Tom Becker--percussion
Susan Herrick--vocal
Ben Arnold--vocal

. . . bass, drums, electric violin, sax, percussion, and voices fill out the sound. The original compositions have pop and jazz roots, and they range from the quirky and Cockburn-esque "available light" to the simple quiet of "the idea of alone" (backed by improvised vocals) to the bright pop hooks of the title track. This is thoughtful music for guitar and ensemble.
                                                                                              From the folk periodical, Dirty Linen

Christopher has been a featured guest on Philadelphia's University of Pennsylvania radio station, WXPN, most notably on the nationally syndicated show "Echoes", hosted by John DeLiberto. His performances at local venues have included appearances at the Lansdown Folk Club and the Tin Angel. Recently, he appeared in the role of the father in the premiere run of The Icarus Box, a play by Philadelphia actress and playwrite Kathryn Peterson. A guitarist by trade (coincidentally), the father's voice was represented by his instrument throughout the play. Christopher composed and performed the father's "words". Christopher also teaches guitar at his studio in rural Pennsylvania.

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We have listed the songs and liner notes from the CD below. A different selection will be featured each week.

available light: when it is so easy, in an electric age, to turn night into day i have come to believe that it is important to respect the unique light of night.

sacred games: this was inspired by an amazing book by kim chernin and renate stendhal entitled "sex and other sacred games". it is the only composition on the recording that did not exist first for solo guitar.

alone/the idea of alone: the "romance" of loneliness is a construct that serves to help make bearable the realization that we are, in some profound sense, alone in the world. nevertheless, to live through absence is, if we are lucky, to discover a more fundamental presence.

maggi's cafe: i wrote this for a friend who gave me my first opportunity to play for folks outside of my home. i suspect that the people there on those evenings entertained me more than i did them, with their conversation, coffee, and kerouac.

agnus: i adopted a cat while i was living on the greek island of paros for a month during the winter of 1993. she would climb up to the roof where my room was each morning to be fed and she would be there each evening when i returned. composing for me is usually an arduous task. this tune came in 30 minutes early one morning as i sat in a chair with agnus watching the sea.

one night, after dreaming: sometimes what actually happens is even better than what we have hoped for. deep as your ocean

the last stand up: our plans fell through at the last minute. i composed this music that evening instead, as an unusually productive form of revenge.

david's third story: i went to see a house that i was to move into soon--a terribly large house just for me, with three floors. the third seemed like an ideal spot for a studio where i imagined myself composing the most amazing music and reading the most interesting books. i wrote this piece before i moved in and never went up to the third floor my entire stay.

spontaneous corruption: perpetual motion disintegrates finally.

the force of circumstance: [listen] the title of this recording is borrowed from simon de beauvoir's autobiography of the same name. some days and most nights i believe that i can sense something glowing beneath circumstance.

look back: this is a simple piece for solo guitar to conclude the record.

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