Milwaukee, WI United States
Founded: 1962

Inactive Junior
1962 Tonight (from West Side Story) * Music, Maestro, Please * Lady of Fatima * Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition)  
1963 The Flying Dutchman * Answer Me, My Love * One Flower  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

CORPS Photos

The Chordaliers, formed in 1960 or 1962, was a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were sponsored by American Legion Post 400, Theodore Wagner CWV Post 572, and the Gross Yaksh VFW Post.

The corps’ colors were black, white, and gold.

Awards included the Wisconsin Catholic War Veterans Championships.

One correspondent remembers seeing the Chordaliers on roller skates in a roller rink for one performance.

The corps was active through at least 1973.

[Encyclopedia of Drum and Bugle Corps, 1966; rec.arts.marching.drumcorps 6/30/99]

Members (9)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Beyer, Jay french horn 1963 to 1973
Bruno, Michael French Horn 1966 to 1972
Cupps, Jeff Hornline 1971 to 1974
DeNoble, Kim Color Guard 1968 to 1971
Gralewicz, Debra Color Guard 1967 to 1971
Kehoss, Michael Baritone 1964 to 1971
McClure, Timothy Horn Line 1966 to 1971
Rugani, Louis Bugle instructor/arranger 1961 to 1964
Rugani, Louis Bugle instructor/arranger 1961 to 1964

CORPS 3 items


Chordaliers,Milwaukee,WI,Pin1(RE-2.75x1.75)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Chordaliers,Milwaukee,WI,Pin2-Boosters(BJA-1.5)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection

Chordaliers,Milwaukee,WI,Pin3-Drum(RE-1.75)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection


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