Belles of St. Mary's (NJ)

Gloucester City, NJ United States

Inactive All Girl
1970 MacArthur Park * Battle Hymn of the Republic * Secret Love  
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INCEPTION: "The Belle's of St. Mary's" evolved from the old St. Mary's Guild Band, which was composed of boys and young men. "Many of the fellows in the band were also members of Gloucester Catholic's football team. At first, there was just a gang of girls twirling batons during football game intermissions. Eventually, a drum and bugle corps was formed that consisted of two dozen girls. Those numbers quickly grew and the "Belle's of St. Mary's became one of the largest drum corps in existance back then. The "Belle's" not only fulfilled their duties at Gloucester Catholic Half Time Exhibitions and Parades, but also joined the field as a competing Drum Corps. In 1960, they were in the parade marking the inauguration of the late President John F. Kennedy. In 1965, they represented the Camden Diocese when Pope Paul VI visited the United Nations. In 1967, the "Belle's" beat every other all girl drum corps in the state, including the highly regarded Audubon Bon Bons. Then in about 1970, the "Belle's" became the "St. Mary's Cadets" and opened up to male members also. They kept the name and memory going for many years and now we will also.

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The Belles of St. Mary's, a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Gloucester City, New Jersey, appeared in Eastern States Circuit championship competition four times, the last in 1972.

[DCW, 6/29/90, p.9]

Members (7)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Connelly, Lillian baritone bass 1964 to 1966
Davis, Chris Soprano 1964 to 1968
Hammell, Bea Solo sop 1971 to 1974
Heade, Helen Soprano 1960 to 1967
Schaffer, Carol Ann Soprano, Winter Guard, DM, Staff 1957 to 1972
Schulz, Jeanne color guard 1964 to 1966
Van Leer, Darlene Baritone 1967 to 1970

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Belles of St. Mary's (NJ)

Belles of St Mary Uniform 1960 from the Bill Ives Collection Contributed by Terry Taylor
Belles of St. Mary's (NJ)

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Belles of St. Mary's (NJ)

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