Sacred Heart Crusaders

Other Names:Manville Crusaders

Manville, NJ United States
Founded: 1960

Inactive Junior

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The Sacred Heart Crusaders, formed in 1959, was a junior marching and maneuvering and parade corps based in Manville, New Jersey. They were sponsored by the Sacred Heart Church and affiliated with the American Legion Post 304 and VFW Post 2290. Monsignor Joseph Krysztofik ran the corps in the 1960s and 1970s for the youth of the neighborhood as well as of the church.

The corps’ colors were red, black, and white.

The corps awards included the Jersey Shore Area Stand-Still and M&M Championships. They also sponsored an annual contest, Youth on Parade, in August each year.

The corps was active until 1981.

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Members (19)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Clougher, John Soprano 1971 to 1980
Farias, Brian Baritone 1974 to 1975
Gombeda, Toni soprano 1980 to 1981
Haring, Fran French horn 1971 to 1976
Hedden, Gene Snare Line 1977 to 1980
Krenkel, Jon Snare Drum 1972 to 1974
Marsh, Michael drum line & drum major 1968 to 1973
Michaels, Carol working flag/working rifle 1964 to 1973
Michaels, Carol Drum Major 1974
Spera, Joe Drum Line 1976 to 1981
Spera, Paul Soprano 1977 to 1981
Spinola, Jim Solo Soprano 1978; 1980
Vivalo Hamilton, Rosemarie Baritone 1960 to 1969
babich, ron soprano 1966 to 1974
stiles, mike drum line 1968 to 1970
urban, robert drumline 1978 to 1980
wisniewski, joe drum line/instuctor 1959 to 1980
wisniewski, joe drum line 1962 to 1969

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Sacred Heart Crusaders

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