OLMM Orbits

Other Names:Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Orbits

Ridgewood (Long Island), NY United States
Founded: 1959

Inactive Junior

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"The Orbits of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Ridgewood, (Long Island), NY.
The "space kids" were organized in 1959 as a standstill unit, and within their eight years of marking time, they had won every championship a standstill corps could hope to win. In 1967, the corps was reorganized as a drill unit under the direction of Mr. Harold Mooney. The Orbits entered the Long Island Circuit that summer, and for them, their very presence was the biggest victory any corps could win. With an educated corps, OLMM again joined the L.I. M&M association and competed in the World Open. There are many reasons to believe that this season the goal of champion can be reached. The hornline has switched to G-F bugles which are supervised by Keith Markey of Air Force fame. Tom Martin instructs the Markey arrangements which will include "Cabaret," "Sound Of Music," "Mame," "Alfie," "Mrs. Robinson," "My Head, Eyes, and You," and "If Ever I Would Leave You."
Jim Shea tutors the enlarged drumline which will feature double timboli and a set of tuned tymp-toms. A vast improvement will be seen in the previously untaught color guard, who will now be subject to the wisdom of Clarke Williams. Combining the work of all instructors and sections is the task assigned to drill man Joe Mason. Thanks to him, the Orbits should perform a very colorful drill that includes some very different ideas adding to a strong performance. Harold Mooney, publicist Wayne Meckling , and Rev. John Sherman round out the Miraculous Medal staff. They are to be highly commended for making the Orbits an out-of-this-world corps."
[From "LILNYS" article by Ernest E. Robinson, Jr. in the May 1969 issue of DCD]

Members (4)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Ciro, Vincent Bugles 1966 to 1971
Dams, Rick Drum Line 1963 to 1964
Karol, Skippy Soprano 1970 to 1972
Kobe, Margaret Horn 1962 to 1968
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