Arlington, MA United States
Founded: 1973

Inactive Junior
Division II
1983 213 28.600 Africa * Sun Goddess * Twilight Zone * Lolita * At Seventeen  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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The Heightsmen, formed in 1973, was a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Arlington Heights, Massachusetts.

The corps merged with the Malden Ambassadors in 1979 to form Royal Marquis for one season. It thereafter resumed its Heightsmen identity. The corps competed in DCI in 1983, ranking 13th in Class A Prelims.

Sometime after 1983 the Heightsmen merged with Spectra to form the Spectra-Heightsmen Alliance, which eventually became simply Alliance.

[Michael Merrett]

Members (3)

Member Name Section Years Involved
bray jr, jim horn section 1975 to 1978
Ramos, Mark Soprano 1973 to 1978
Rossi, Robin Color Guard 1973 to 1978

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