Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni

Niagara Falls, ONT Canada
Founded: 2006

Active Alumni

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The NIAGARA MILITAIRES ALUMNI DRUM CORPS was formed in the winter of 2006 by a number of former members of the original Corps that was in operation from 1949 to 1964. The Alumni Corps takes part in local parades festivals community events in and around the Niagara Region.

The Corps is based at #479 Royal Canadian Legion and has complete run of the lower floor which consists of a drill hall/horn room, storage room, 2 drum rooms as well as washroom facilities. The Corps utilizes the lounge area of the Legion "after" practices. It has been said by other Corps visiting that it is the BEST Drum Corps facility in Canada if not the US as well.

Many of the members are former members of some of Canada's finest Drum Corps such as COMMANDERS ROYALIRES,OPTIMISTS DE LA SALLE,CHESSMEN REGIONAIRES, MSJ, to name a few.

Some members have no Drum Corps experience at all and have joined and learned the drum corps life. There are numerous husband-wife combos in the Corps even some father son or daughter as well as one Grandfather/two grandaughters combos.

Although not a big Corps - we march about 50 people - the emphasis is having FUN while performing. The Corps uniform is a black Aussie style hat red golf shirt and black pants with gauntlets worn by the hornline and guard members.

The Corps Director is Rick Allen assisted by Tom Garret. The Staff consists of
Horn Instructor Harold McJury assisted by John Calder
Percussion Instructor Rick Allen
Keyboard Instructor Mike Burnett
Drum Majors William "Mo" Morin and Kimberly Ferri
Guard Capt. Leanne Siriani


[Submitted by
Rick Allen/President
Niagara Militaires Alumni Drum Corps
"The Pride of Niagara"
August 2010]

Members (2)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Allen, Rick Snare/Drumline Inst Now Director 2006
STEVENS, LAURIE lead soprano 2004 to 2009

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Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni

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