Troy, MI United States

Inactive Senior
2004 (Repertoire not available)  
2005 207 64.950 Distorted (from La Nouba) * Reve Rouge (from La Nouba) * A La Lune (from La Nouba) * Urban (from La Nouba)  
2006 205 72.725 Quidam - Atmadja (from Quidam) * Hidden Motive (from Quidam) * Ninkuo Laterou (from Quidam) * Nostalgie (from Quidam) * Incantation (from Quidam)  
2007 22 74.600 "Music of Earth, Wind and Fire" - (Repertoire not available)  
2008 210 72.963 The Musician * Together Again * La Suerte de Los Tontos (from Cuban Fire Suite) * Selections (from Cuban Overture)  
2009 209 60.750 “Days of Future Passed – The Moody Blues” - Dawn Is A Feeling * Another Morning * Peak Hour * Tuesday Afternoon * Nights In White Satin  
2010 999.000 (Repertoire not available)  
2012 Hitsville U.S.A.: A Collection of Motown's Number Ones - Pastime Paradise * Supremes Medley * My Girl * My Guy * Superstition * I Want You Back * ABC * Somebody's Watching Me  
2013 Stripping Down to Dirty Socks – The Music of Ke$ha - Dirty Love * Hungover * Take It Off * Love Into The Night  
2015 Punc2ation - Distorted (from La Nouba) * Atmadja (from Quidam) * Incantation (from Quidam)  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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The LakeShoremen all-age Drum & Bugle Corps started as an extension of the Maverix Drumline. The Maverix (1994-2001) competed in the winter indoor drumline venue of the Michigan Color Guard Circuit and it marched in community parades and civic events. The Maverix Drumline took pride in emphasizing rudimental drumming as an essential element of its charter. In 2002, the LakeShoremen started as an extension of the Maverix Drumline and included an all-age Rudimental Drumline that added a guard and a horn line as financial resources became available. The corps "no-debt" policy helped maintain spending discipline and patience within the corps leadership to grow and solidify organizational operations as resources enabled. The years 2003 and 2004 were quick building years with LakeShoremen membership growing to over 30 members. The corps participated in its first field exhibition performance at the 2005 DCM DeKalb event and then in its first field competition at the 2005 DCA Prelims Class A. At the 2005 DCA Prelims the corps finished a respectable 7th out of 10 Class A competing corps in its very first field competition. The corps was proud to be the first corps from Michigan to compete in the DCA circuit with very positive media reviews as a result of the effort and performance.

[submitted by Dave Clark 2/27/2013]

Members (9)

Member Name Section Years Involved
(Cook) Schnuth, Diana Mellophone 2004 to 2005
Braman, Russ Hornline/Tuba/Board of Directors Brass Program 2004
Braman, Russ Hornline/Baritone/Assistant Corps Director 2005
Buzzard, Patrick Contra 2006
Cratsenburg-Scott, Donna mellophone 2007 to 2008
Hurd, Dan Lead Sop 2005 to 2006
London, Bob (Kemo) Sop/Bari 2005
Novicki, Zack Winds 2009
Woods, Josiah Soprano 2007 to 2008
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