Avant Garde

Other Names:merger Emerald Knights and Speigleaires

Saratoga Springs, NY United States
Founded: 1975

Inactive Junior
1975 25 67.400 Russian Easter Overture * God Bless America (from This Is the Army) * It Ain't Necessarily So (from Porgy and Bess) * Amazing Grace * Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) * Abide with Me  
1976 39 61.000 My Dublin Bay * The Girl I Left Behind Me * Touch Me * Bandstand Boogie * Loch Lomond  
1977 Don't Rain on My Parade (from Funny Girl) * People  
1978 26 70.000 (Repertoire not available)  
1979 20 73.850 Meadowland * Troika (from Lieutenant Kije Suite) * Trepak (from the Nutcracker) * On Broadway * Hill Where the Lord Hides * So You Want to See The Wizard (from The Wiz) * Ease on Down the Road (from The Wiz) * Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz) * Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz)  
1980 23 64.500 Put Me On * Sunshower * Hill Where the Lord Hides * Medley from Funny Girl * Don't Cry Out Loud  
1981 22 69.800 And the Angels Sing * Caravan * Love for Sale * You've Lost That Loving Feeling  
1982 27 65.150 And the Angels Sing * Pontieo * That Cat is High * My Funny Valentine (from Babes in Arms)  
1983 20 64.650 Captain from Castile * Caravan * Imaginary Voyage * Silence and I * My Funny Valentine (from Babes in Arms)  
1984 16 80.900 Eleanor Rigby * The Devil is a Liar * The Musician * Mountain Dance * You Can Have Me Anytime  
1985 18 78.600 Piano Concerto No. 1 * Egyptian Danza * The Musician * You Can Have Me Anytime  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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Avant Garde, was a junior drum corps based in Saratoga County, New York. It was the result of a merger of the Bethesda Emerald Knights and the Speigleaires in 1975.

The Corps' Director was Jeff Perkins. Jerry Kaiser was the drum major from 1976 through 1981 when he aged out.

In its first year of competition (1975), the Corps placed 25th at DCI Nationals. Avant Garde’s best placement at DCI’s was in 1984. The Corps' last appearance at DCI’s was in 1985.

During its competitive life, Avant Garde wore three different uniforms. Black cadet jackets with green trim from 1975 to 1977; light green "SCV" style jackets with "Aussie" style hats and then shakos from 1978 to 1981; and bright yellow Seneca Optimist cadet jackets from 1982 through 1985.
The Corps' used a yin-yang as its symbol. Its colors being dark green and black. Avant Garde generally traveled with three buses affectionately known as the Jock bus (which also carried the staff), the Non-Smokers bus; and the Mutt bus.
[From drumcorpswiki.com]

The field drill for the Avant Garde's 1978 show was written by 18-year-old horn player Scott Reynolds. The corps finished in 26th place at DCI Prelims that year.

In 1983, two members of Avant Garde, Cynthia Brown and Charles Klangos, were married on the practice field in Miami before the DCI Championships. They had considered waiting until they returned home to New York, until discovering that Florida has no waiting period to get married. Corps director Jeff Perkins gave the bride away.

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Members (33)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Carrier, Linda (Lynn) Brass 1983 to 1985
Cohan, Rick Brass 1983 to 1985
DelRa, Frank drum line 1975
Finn, Bob Color Guard Staff 1974
Gathen, Rick Brass 1975 to 1985
Goldston, Ernest Drumline 1973 to 1975
Hamilton, David Contra 1985
Haynes, Brian Lead Bari 1974 to 1979
Henry, Craig(Rambo) Drum Line 1985
Higdon, Wayne Percussion 1977 to 1981
Johnson, Chris Soprano 1980
Kaiser, Jerry brass/dm 1975 to 1981
Keck, David Lead sop 1979; 1983; 1985
Kennedy-Yelton, Randy Drum Line 1983 to 1984
King, Julie keyboards (xylophone) 1979 to 1980
LeClair, David Soprano 1 1985
Leonard, Sharon color guard 1975 to 1977
Lopata - Nawoj, Hilary Color Guard 1985
Mitchell, Douglas Drum Line 1983
Murphy, William Quads 1980
Pennica, Derek Bass Drum 1986
Reynolds, Scott Mellophone 1974 to 1981
Reynolds, Wayne Drum Line 1972 to 1976
Ryan, Jamie Mellophone 1975 to 1981
Scanlon, Rich Brass Section 1975 to 1977
Sirani, Audrey Guard 1983 to 1985
Sulkey, Kevin Soprano 1975 to 1976
White, Linda Mellophone 1981 to 1985
Zlotnick, Andy Brass Saprano 3/4 1981

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Avant Garde

Avant Garde from the Bill Ives Collection
Avant Garde

AvantGarde,Saratoga,NY,Patch1-YinYang(RE-2.875)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection Contributed by Richard Elmquist
Avant Garde

AvantGarde,Saratoga,NY,Pin1-YinYangY&B(RE-3.0)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Avant Garde

AvantGarde,Saratoga,NY,Pin2-YinYangG&B(RE-3.0)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
Avant Garde

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