32nd Hussar

Madison, WI United States
Founded: 1968

Inactive Junior
1972 37 42.300 Evil Ways * Norwegian Wood * Coronation of Boris Godunov * The Phantom Regiment * Suicide Is Painless (from M*A*S*H)  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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" 32nd Hussar
Madison, Wisconsin. September 21, 1968. In a brief business meeting of boys, parents and staff, a new drum and bugle corps was born. The name: 32nd Hussar.
The corps adapted its name from two sources, both historical. In the State of Wisconsin, there was a famous and highly honored national guard division. The 32nd. This division, the Red Arrow division, was active during World War I and II, the Korean conflict and the Cuban crisis. They were the first U.S. unit to be called to active duty in each conflict. The Department of the Army has approved the use of the designation "32" to commemorate this much honored infantry division.
A "hussar" was a calvary man specially trained as a shock trooper. Hussar regiments were elite cavalry of the last century. They still appear as tank units in many European armys. Aside from their fighting abilities, hussars were noted for their distinctive uniforms. The 32nd has patterned its uniform after that of the Netherlands 6th Hussar circa 1825.
The corps officers are seasoned corpsmen: Drum Majors Frank Hilliard and Bill Schrack, Colour Sergeants Jon Lindberg and Rick Carslisle. Craig Redders is the corps' elected member of the Board of Directors. Corps staff includes: John Price, Director; Richard Nalty, Drum Instructor; Vance Nelson, Bugle Instructor; Steve Yaskal, Ed Knesting, and Dave Clarke, Assistant Bugle Instructors; Bill Morris, Assistant Drum Instructor; Milton Spyros, Rifle Instructor; Gary Johnson, Special Projects Consultant; Jerry Stich, Bugle Consultant.
The members of the corps who are working on building the 32nd come from the area in and around the City of Madison. They will be playing on all new Ludwig and Smith equipment and appearing in uniforms by Oswald. The corps will be breaking away from the dominant style of the area by having a completely new show written. Many members of the 32nd have had previous corps experience. Others are just beginning. Still others come from the area bands. All are looking forward to a new season of the sport of drum corps to learn what the sport is really like.
Those interested in the 32nd Hussar, write P.O. Box 590, Madison, Wisconsin 53701."
[From DCD Volume 5 Number 7 July, 1969]

Members (1)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Jacob, Warren Bugle 1970 to 1971

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32nd Hussar

Hussars from the Bill Ives Collection Contributed by Mike Remich
32nd Hussar

32ndHussar,Madison,WI,Pin1-Crest(BJA)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection
32nd Hussar

32ndHussar,Madison,WI,Pin2-ILoveThe32ndHussar(BJA)J_U_S from the Richard Elmquist Collection


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