Royal Lancers Sr

Detroit/Wyandotte, MI United States
Founded: 1989

Inactive Senior

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The Royal Lancers was a senior marching and maneuvering corps based in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Formed about 1988, the corps performed in parades and exhibitions before fielding its first competition show in 1990. The group did not compete in DCA Championships.

[DCW, 7/6/90, p.12]
The Royal Lancers were formed as a junior drum and bugle corps, open to members through the age of 21. The Lancers were sponsored by V.F.W. Post 1136 of Wyandotte, Michigan, and were active as a competitive field drum corps through the 1971 season. They disbanded in April, 1972, after winning many competitive honors, including the Michigan V.F.W. State Championship in 1969, as well as several American Legion State Championships in Michigan.
A decision was made in early 1988 to hold a reunion of as many of the alumni of the corps as would agree to come. The initial plans called for a picnic on the Fourth of July weekend in Wyandotte, Michigan. A small committee of organizers got together and decided to see if there was enough interest to field a small reunion corps composed entirely of former members of the Lancers to march in the Fourth of July Parade in Wyandotte.
Interest in the alumni corps was beyond the wildest expectations of the organizers. Horns, drums, and flags were borrowed to equip the corps. Several rehearsals were held during the spring, and as the word got out, people began traveling from all over the country to attend. Red shirts and white hats were purchased, and members provided their own black pants and white shoes to complete the uniform.
The weekend of the Fourth of July, 1988, saw 132 proud members of the Royal Lancers Alumni drum corps marching down the street in Wyandotte. Their musical selections included "Battle Hymn", Man of La Mancha, and I Believe." All three of these songs were formerly played by the great Lancers corps of the 60's. Other activities that weekend included a standstill concert, a picnic and a potluck dinner to conclude the week-end activities.
At the dinner, a survey was taken to determine the level of interest in continuing the corps as a senior unit. The level of commitment was high, the corps stayed together, and membership was opened to additional members beyond alumni of the Lancers. The officers are: Corps Director, Paul Showalter; Show Coordinator, Art Doran; and Secretary, Debbie Horvath. The corps will appear in many parades and exhibitions during the 1989 season in Michigan and Ontario. The Lancers are also the host corps for a Drum Corps Midwest show to be held at Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte on the evening of June 20, 1989.
Musical selections for 1989 include "National Emblem March", "Battle Hymn", "You'll Never Walk Alone", "South Rampart Street Parade", "Man of La Mancha", and the national anthems of the United States and Canada.
The Royal Lancers are a family oriented activity for members of all ages. Members are encouraged to participate at a level that is commensurate with their work and family responsibilities."
[From the 19th Annual Drums Across the Valley Show Program June 28, 1989 Saginaw,MI]

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Members (7)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Collier, Gary rBrass / Contra 1988 to 1991
Ellis, Roger Mellophone 1989 to 1993
Ellis, Roger Mellophone 1989 to 1993
Kanuk-MacLean, Sharon Brass 1988 to 1989
Phillips, John Bass Line 1991
Showalter, Paul Mellophone, Corp Director 1988 to 1991
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