Kalamazoo, MI United States
Founded: 2006

Active Junior
Open Class
2006 Ballet Sacra * Malaguena  
2007 In Permoveo - Ballet Sacra  
2008 215 82.000 Evolutional Procuratio - New Beginnings  
2009 210 81.950 Incrementum - Daphnis and Chloé  
2010 208 86.200 Ruins - Vesuvius * Eruption (from the Tarkus Suite) * Pines of Rome * Fountains of Rome * Unstoppable * Prelude - Main Title (from Ben Hur)  
2011 34 60.650 Skyscapes - Cloudburst * You Are (Variations) * Pagodes * Gold Rush * Aurora Awakes  
2012 30 63.400 The Edmund Fitzgerald - Four Sea Interludes * The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald * Coming Home From The Sea (from The Perfect Storm) * Bishop's Countdown (from Aliens)  
2013 29 68.400 Ichabod - Main Titles from Sleepy Hollow * The Vote from "The Village" * Chester * Shepherd's Hey * The Chase (from Sleepy Hollow)  
2014 29 71.000 La Cathedrale - The Sunken Cathedral * Stained Glass * Lux Arumque * Mvt 3 from Gloria  
2015 25 70.250 The Climb - Ascend (From Everest) * The Mountain (from The Bucket List) * Avalanche (from Vertical Limit) * The Climb  
2016 24 73.150 The Grid - The Grid from Tron Legacy * Main Titles from Paycheck * Virus Attack * Adagio for Tron * NO one To kNOW one * Mona Lisa Overdrive  
2017 22 76.225 The Signal - Define Dancing (from Wall-E) * Mothership * Satellite * The Sound of Silence * Hyperjump (from Wall-E) * Stargate Overture  
2018 26 74.400 Along Came a Spider - The Rite of Spring * Itsy Bitsy Spider * Symphony #8, Mvt. 3 * Aha! * Spiderman Theme * Water Night * Metropolis Symphony, Mvt. 1 (Lex)  
2019 21 78.400 Song of the Siren - La Mer * Pure Imagination * Aquarium (from Carnival of the Animals) * Genie in a Bottle * Finale (from The Abyss) * Symphony No. 10  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

The Legends Drum & Bugle Corps is an Open Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Legends began as an indoor winter brass and percussion ensemble at Portage Central High School in Portage, Michigan in 2001. In 2006, a color guard was added and the group performed in exhibition at several Drum Corps International (DCI) shows that summer and the next.

The corps first entered DCI competition in 2008 and made semifinals with a 15th place finish among the 23 corps at the DCI Open Class Championships at Michigan City, Indiana. The following year, the corpsfinished 10th in Open Class Finals and earned the awards for Most Improved Open Class Corps, the Jim Jones Leadership Award for Most Outstanding Open Class Drum Major, and the Dr. David Kampschroer Leadership Award for Open Class Director of the Year Ibe Sodawalla. The corps has since remained as an Open Class finalist and has won additional Open Class awards for Most Improved Corps, Most Outstanding Drum Major, and the Director of the Year.

In 2015--- their 10th Anniversary season as a drum and bugle corps--- Legends placed 5th at the DCI Open Class Championships and 25th overall at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, earning the corps' first World Class semifinals spot.

In 2017, several simultaneous episodes of bad luck struck, necessitating major unexpected expenditures and threatening the corps' existence.  An online plea was put out to the drum corps community for immediate major financial help in order to keep the corps on the road for the rest of the summer. Drum corps fans responded and the corps was saved, finishing Open Class Finals in third place and moving up to 22nd in World Class.

[Legends Performing Arts Association; Drum Corps International]

Members (7)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Clay, T'Kal Tuba 2013
Glasscock, Valerie Mellophone 2006 to 2007
Hayward, Ben French Horn 2006 to 2008
Hayward, Ben Mellophone 2011; 2013
Jensen, Michael Trumpet 2006
Miller, Jeremy Trumpet 2013 to 2016
Reid, Keelin Trumpet 2014

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