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JUNIOR Results for 2001
Ralph Wilson Stadium Orchard Park, New York
Position Score Corps Songs
1 98.350 The Cavaliers Four Corners - Four Corners  
2 97.600 Blue Devils Awayday Blue - Awayday * Fantasy Variations (on George Gershwin's Second Prelude for Piano) * Paganini Variations  
2 97.600 The Cadets Juxtaperformance - A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra * Moondance * Vide Cor Meum (from Hannibal) * Farandole (from L'Arlesienne)  
4 95.350 Santa Clara Vanguard New Era Metropolis - The Alarm * Short Ride in a Fast Machine * Jug Blues and Fat Pickin * Variants on a Medieval Tune * New Era Dance  
5 94.300 Glassmen IMAGO - Panambi – Invocation to the Powerful Spirits * Pampeana No 3 – Impetuosamente * Concertino for Oboe and Strings * Panambi – Dance of the Warriors * Pavana (from Tres Versiones Sinfonica)  
6 91.900 Phantom Regiment Virtuoso - Finale (from Concerto For Orchestra - 5th Movement) * Game of Pairs (from Concerto For Orchestra - 2nd Movement) * Festive Overture  
7 91.150 Crossmen Late Night Jazz - Harlem Nocturne * Flying Home * Guaguanco * Fire Dance  
8 90.750 Bluecoats Latin Sketches - Intro 2001 * Candelabra Rhumba * Red Cape Tango * Tango - Finale  
9 88.800 Boston Crusaders Harmonium - Wild Nights (from Harmonium) * Marimba Spiritual * Brothers (from the Mission) * Gabriel's Oboe (from the Mission) * Dance of the New World * Shakata: Singing the World into Existance * Original Music  
10 86.950 Carolina Crown Industry - Original Music * Concerto for 4 Percussion * Main Theme from Cider House Rules * Motown Metal  
11 86.550 Madison Scouts Hot Jazz - Madison Style - The Fire and the Flame * Oh, Those Martian Blues * Symphonie Pour L'Orchestre Americain * Ballet In Brass  
12 84.900 Colts Chivalry - Sinfonia Voci * Allemande (from Courtly Airs and Dances) * Battle Scene * Non Nobis Domine (from Henry V) * Once More Unto the Breach  
13 84.050 Spirit of Atlanta Ghost Train - The Ride (from Ghost Train Triptych) * At the Station (from Ghost Train Triptych) * The Motive Revolution (from Ghost Train Triptych)  
14 83.900 Blue Knights Blue Toons - Cartoon * Black Market Juggler * An American in Paris  
15 80.050 Southwind A New Era - Fanfare for a New Era * Academic Festival Overture * Concerto for Violin and Orchestra * Fire Storm  
16 79.300 Mandarins Festival of Music - Music for a Festival * Variations on an Enigma * Mountain Song * Partita  
17 78.300 Seattle Cascades The Veneration - Abram's Pursuit * Helm Toccata * The Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf  
18 79.300 Pioneer Irish in the Civil War... A Quest for Freedom - Main Theme from Gettysburg * Variations on the Theme from Minstrel Boy * Over the Fence (from Gettysburg) * Dawn (from Gettysburg) * Dixie * Battle at Devil's Den (from Gettysburg) * America the Beautiful  
19 76.200 Troopers Tribute to An Uncommon Man - Copland Medley/Intro 2001 * An Outdoor Overture * El Salon Mexico * Down a Country Lane * Chorale and Shaker Dance  
20 73.800 Spartans Gladiator - The Battle (from Gladiator) * The Barbarian Horde (from Gladiator) * Ben Hur  
21 73.450 Capital Regiment Chasing the Dragon - Dralion - Ninkou Latoura * The Chase * The World of the Heart (from Dragonheart) * Dragonheart  
22 72.600 Patriots Imagination through a Child's Eyes - Gandalf (from Lord of the Rings) * Concerto for 4 Percussion * The Dream of Oenghus  
23 72.500 Kiwanis Kavaliers Manhattan - Times Square (from On the Town) * Lonely Town (from On the Town) * The Great Lover (from On the Town) * New York, New York (from On the Town)  
206 89.850 Jersey Surf Are We There Yet? - The Music of Mays and Metheny - Are We There Yet? * Have You Heard * See the World * The Heat of the Day * The Awakening * In Her Family * The Truth Will Always Be * The First Circle  
207 85.800 Capital Sound Prince of Egypt - Deliver Us (from the Prince of Egypt) * Through Heaven's Eyes (from the Prince of Egypt) * Exodus (from the Prince of Egypt) * Chariot Race (from the Prince of Egypt)  
209 82.150 Impulse Island Extravaganza - Bali Hai (from South Pacific) * Hawaiian Wedding Song * Hawaiian War Chant * Gilligan's Island  
210 81.750 Yamato VENI-VIDI-VICI - The Adoration of Veless and Ala (from Scythian Suite) * Overture (from Ivan the Terrible) * Fantasy on Two Folk Songs * Tempered Steel * Romance (from Lieutenant Kije Suite) * Mishima: Opening  
211 80.300 Tampa Bay Thunder Nautical Dreams - Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor * Beyond the Sea * Come Home From the Sea (from The Perfect Storm) * Main Theme (from The Perfect Storm)  
212 78.900 Allegiance Elite Broadway's Beauty and the Beast - Prologue from Beauty and The Beast * Belle (from Beauty and The Beast) * Be Our Guest (from Beauty and The Beast) * Home (from Beauty and The Beast) * The Mob Song (from Beauty and The Beast)  
301 88.550 Blue Stars The Legend of Alcobaca - Dom Pedro's Revenge (5th Movement of The Legend of Alcobaca) * Ines (Second Movement of The Legend of Alcobaca) * Coronation of the Dead Queen (mvt 4 of The Legend of Alcobaca)  
302 88.500 Raiders Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (from Pictures at an Exhibition) * Gnomus (from Pictures at an Exhibition) * The Old Castle (From Pictures at an Exhibition) * Hut of Baba-Yaga (from Pictures at an Exhibition) * Great Gate of Kiev (from Pictures at an Exhibition)  
303 86.800 Americanos Twisted in Time - Twisted in Time - Opus I * Twisted in Time - Opus II * Twisted in Time - Opus III  
304 85.550 Marion Glory Cadets Outdoor Journey - An Outdoor Overture * Buckaroo Holiday (from Rodeo) * Laurie, You Know, Laurie (from Tenderland) * The Gift (from The Red Pony) * Happy Ending (from The Red Pony)  
305 82.800 East Coast Jazz Spain for Sextet and Orchestra - Spain * The Musician * Concierto de Aranjuez  
306 80.200 Les Senateurs Adventure in Jazz - Original Music  
307 79.350 Teal Sound S&M: Symphony and Metallica - The Ecstasy of Gold * For Whom the Bell Tolls * One * Enter Sandman  
308 76.050 Lake Erie Regiment Russian Fantasy - Russian Sailor's Dance (from The Red Poppy) * No One Like You * Vandergrift Suite (Movement I) * Roll Tide * Russian Christmas Music  
309 75.500 Revolution Landscapes - Grand Canyon Fanfare * Rocky Point Holiday * Tender Land (Movement 3) * Chorale and Shaker Dance  
310 74.550 Cadets of New York City Sketches of the City - Nights In White Satin * Cadillac of the Skies (from Empire of the Sun) * A Mis Abuelos * A Mighty Fortress  
311 74.400 Scenic City Thank God for Kids! - ABC * Sesame Street * A Childhood Hymn * Linus and Lucy (from A Charlie Brown Christmas) * Thank God for Kids  
312 73.000 Lehigh Valley Knights Ready to Battle - Wizards and Warriors * The Battle (from Gladiator) * Willow * First Knight  
313 72.550 Bandettes DRIVE - Thomas Crown Affair * Powerhouse * Tough, Driving from Three City Blocks  
314 71.700 Dutch Boy Homage: Three Tapestries, 1st and 3rd Movements * Mural (from Pleasantville) * Bud's a Hero (from Pleasantville) * Punch (from Pleasantville) * A New Day (from Pleasantville)  
315 71.100 Racine Scouts Selections of George Gershwin - An American in Paris * Strike Up the Band (from Strike Up the Band) * Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) * They Can't Take That Away from Me * Rhapsody in Blue * I Got Rhythm (from Girl Crazy)  
316 71.000 Phoenix Broadway's Jekyll and Hyde - Mass (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Transformation (from Jekyll and Hyde) * I Need to Know (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Murder, Murder (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Façade (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Confrontation (from Jekyll and Hyde) * Take Me as I Am (from Jekyll and Hyde)  
318 69.700 Les Stentors Abram's Pursuit - Liturgical Dances * Abram's Pursuit * Ballet Sacra * To Tame the Perilous Skies  
319 68.350 Les Sentinelles The Perfect Storm - Selections from The Perfect Storm  
320 62.150 Emerald Knights First Knight  
321 60.100 Quest Simplistic Complexities Triumph - Escape From Plato's Cave (1st Movement) * Homage: Three Tapestries, 3rd Movement * Message of The Man (from Escape From Plato's Cave) * Conflict To The Light! (from Escape From Plato's Cave)  
322 58.750 Targets Music of Chuck Magione - Feels So Good * Land of Make Believe * Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor * Children of Sanchez * Echano * Bellavia  
323 57.350 Spirit of Newark/New Jersey Music of our Homelands - Los Cuervos * Shosholoza * Battle Cry * Sunset Express * La Isla Bonita  
324 56.100 Silver Knights By George - The Man I Love * Strike Up the Band (from Strike Up the Band) * Concerto in F * Rhapsody in Blue  
325 54.750 Joliet Kingsmen The Sound of Music * Selections from The Lion King  
326 47.500 McCullough Royal Knights An Upside Down Rainbow - Colorful Smiles - Let The Sunshine In (from Hair) * The Impossible Dream (from Man of La Mancha)  
    7th Regiment  
    Blue Devils B Dance Movements  
    Blue Devils C Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark * Jaws * Cantina Band (from Star Wars) * Star Wars * Somewhere in My Memory  
    Chevaliers Concierto de Aranjuez * Malaga  
    Colt Cadets A Sailor's Life For Me * Tame the Savage Sea * The Pirate's Tale * Russian Sailor's Dance (from The Red Poppy) * Anchors Aweigh  
    CopperStar Starlight Express - Starlight Express * The Race Is On (from Starlight Express) * Light At the End of the Tunnel (from Starlight Express) * Only You (from Starlight Express)  
    Decorah Kilties Styx and Stones - The Grand Illusion * Come Sail Away * Can't Always Get What You Want * Symphony for the Devil  
    Edmonton Strutters Mystere - Ouverture * Mystere * Incantation (from Quidam) * Jeaux de Eaux * Eclipse  
    Esperanza Songs of Ceremony - Liturgical Dances * On a Hymnsong of Lowell Mason * Coventry Variant  
    Kips Bay Crusaders Pictures of Spain - Tornado in the Barracks (from The Mask of Zorro) * The Legend - Zorro's Theme (from The Mask of Zorro) * Spanish Festival (from The Mask of Zorro)  
    Light of Indy Far and Away  
    Long Island Sound Music from Jesus Christ Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar  
    Magic of Orlando Micro Magic (exhibition corps) - Brass Machine * Hard Rock Medley * Remember the Magic * Lil Liza Jane * Santana Medley  
    Oregon Crusaders Fantasia 2000 - Fifth Symphony * The Sorcerer's Apprentice * Firebird Suite  
    Pacific Crest Age of Empire - The Adoration of Veless and Ala (from Scythian Suite) * The Enemy God and Dance of the Spirits of Darkness (from Scythian Suite) * The Glorious Departure of Lolly and the Sun's Procession (from Scythian Suite) * Her Name Was Merit (from The Egyptian) * The Reprimand (from the Prince of Egypt) * Following Tzipporah * Red Sea (from the Prince of Egypt) * The Battle (from Gladiator) * The Barbarian Horde (from Gladiator)  
    Pers-Clairs Gilligan's Island * When the Saints Go Marching In  
    Phoenix Kidets Selections from Tarzan  
    Quest Explorers Onward Christian Soldiers * Theme from X-Men  
    Releve Musicale Splish Splash * Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini  
    San Diego Alliance The Mask of Spanish Passion - The Plaza of Execution (from Mask of Zorro) * Diego's Gooodbye (from Mask of Zorro) * Man of La Mancha (from Man of La Mancha) * Don Julia (from Don Juan de Marco) * Song of Love's Sorrow  
    Spirit of the Lakes An American Portrait - American Salute * Chester Overture * Battle Hymn of the Republic * Rushmore  
    The Academy Excerpts from Drum Corps Past - Malambo (Finale from Estancia) * Amber Waves * When a Man Loves a Woman  
    Twilight Knights One Summer Night - Summer Wind * Volare * Misty * Shake Rattle and Roll  
    US Air Force Academy Summon the Heroes * Blowin Off Steam * Evening Colors * Swing, Swing, Swing (from 1941)  
    US Naval Academy Pines of the Appian Way (from Pines of Rome) * Music from Gladiator  
    Valiants Land of Make Believe * MacArthur Park  
    Vanguard Cadets Tempered Steel * Partita * The Gift of Love * Time to Take Back the Knights  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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