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History for Norwood Park Imperials Norwood, IL
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1928 Did you march Norwood Park Imperials?
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Other names: Norwood Imperials
The Norwood Park Imperials were a junior drum and bugle corps based in Norwood, Illinois, a neighborhood of Chicago.

Drum corps was born in Norwood Park in 1928, organized by Willie Widmeyer. The Imperials marched for 56 years, competing and performing both locally and nationally. While never taking part in DCI Nationals, they finished sixth in the American Legion Nationals of 1979. Before its demise in the 1980s, the corps had been the oldest junior corps in the United States.

In 2004, a group gathered corps artifacts and memorabilia, and presented them to the Norwood Park Historical Society.

Every year on Memorial Day, a parade moved through Norwood Park, ending at a cemetary. Thousands of people would line Raven Avenue to see the hometown corps march. Now a permanent display from those years has been dedicated.

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