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History for Seattle Cascades Shoreline, WA
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1958 Did you march Seattle Cascades?
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Other names: Cascades
homepage: http://www.seattlecascades.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascades_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Founded in 1957, the Seattle Cascades is the oldest and only nationally touring drum and bugle corps in the Pacific Northwest. Members of the Cascades come from throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, as well as from Texas and California.

In 1978 after DCI, Cascades really kicked 1979 into gear. They expanded on the Wiz melodies and had a extremely challenging show. The judges didn't buy into the new design concepts so the show was re-written 4 times during the season. The corps was told to either score a 70 in California or they wouldn't go to DCI. Unfortunately they fell short of the goal and did not attend DCI.

There was a lot of stirring going about about a possible folding of the corps. The last show of 1979 - and what proved to be the last of the legend that was the Seattle Cascades of the 70’s - came to rest in Boise Idaho. The corps indeed folded.

In 1980, the corps began rebuilding mostly with middle school students. In 1981 they fielded a show again in competition but half way through the season, the last few remaining senior members were asked to leave.

The corps restarted in 1985, competing in A60 in DCI and going on to a successful run in Divisions II/III during the 1990s. In 1999 the Cascades rededicated its effort and commitment to excellence, a commitment that has resulted in a meteoric rise to the elite of the activity.

In 2000 the group was crowned DCI Division III World Champions and received the Spirit of Disney Award, given to the corps with the most entertaining family-oriented show. The score enabled the corps to compete in Division I, where the Cascades placed 23rd in Quarterfinals.

In 2001 the corps nearly doubled in size. Competing in Division II, the Cascades’ show titled 'Veneration' with music by David Holsinger wowed crowds from coast to coast. The corps continued its rise to another world championship, winning important focus shows leading to the DCI Summer Music Games in Buffalo, New York. In the end, the Cascades came in second in Division II. A high finals score included an automatic invitation to compete in Division I. Defeating several established Division I corps, the Seattle Cascades left Buffalo with its highest score ever achieved in DCI competition, placing 17th in the elite corps Semifinals.

The move to Division I competition in 2002 paid dividends as the corps took part in DCI Finals in Madison, finishing 12th with their show entitled 'City Riffs.' This Finals competition made the Cascades one of only two corps (Glassmen being the other) to go from dead last (44th in 1977 DCI Open Class competition) to a Finals berth.

The 110-member Cascades' 2003 placement was 15th in Semifinals. This marked them as the first Pacific Northwest corps to make DCI semifinalist status for three years running.

The corps made it four years in 2004 with their 14th place Semifinals finish, with a show provocatively titled 'Nature's Confession.'

The Cascades' uniforms are black and white, with green and silver accents.

[Seattle Cascade; Dave Strickler; DCW, 10/02, p.3; Joel James]

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