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Song History for Yamato Kyoto, Japan and Riverside, CA
Active Junior Corps (Open Class) Did you march Yamato?
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homepage: http://www.yamatodrumcorps.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamato_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
YearPositionScore Theme/Songs
1997 312 83.600  
1998 303 89.900 Humanity and Nature - The Music of Joe Hisaishi - The Forest * The Village * The Battle * The Decision * The Celebration  
1999 307 83.300 B-U-G-Z! - Robin Hood (from A Bug's Life) * The Antz Go Marching to War (from Antz) * Z's Theme (from Antz) * The Colony (from Antz) * Princess Bala (from Antz) * Guantanamera (from Antz) * 6:15 Time to Dance (from Antz) * The Bar (from Antz) * The Big Shoes (from Antz) * The Bird Flies (from A Bug's Life)  
2000 305 86.850 Wind, Water and Fire: A Yamato Journey - Mishima: Opening * Tamerlane * Overture Jubiloso * Lou Harrison, A Portrait * The Book of Timespace: Winter from Marco Polo * Phoenix from Symphony 1997 Heaven Earth Mankind * Battle * Wild Nights (from Harmonium)  
2001 210 81.750 VENI-VIDI-VICI - The Adoration of Veless and Ala (from Scythian Suite) * Overture (from Ivan the Terrible) * Fantasy on Two Folk Songs * Tempered Steel * Romance (from Lieutenant Kije Suite) * Mishima: Opening  
2002 304 83.850 Symphonic Sketches - Hungarian Sketches * Pigalle (from Paris Sketches) * Choralle (from Symphony for Winds) * Concertante (from Venetian Spells) * Les Halles (from Paris Sketches) * Festivo (from Venetian Spells)  
2003 302 85.550 Variations on Spanish Themes - Music by Bizet, * Music by Sandoval * Music by de Falla  
2004 302 85.975 CLOCKWORKS: The Evolution of Timekeeping - Astrolabe * Sandglass * Cesium Atomic Clock  
2005 303 85.350 Metropolis - Metropolis  
2006 304 80.850 The Elements - Air * Earth * Water * Fire  
2008 213 84.200 Mythos - Mythos  

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Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps, Position 999 indicates results unknown

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